I need help with my female co-worker?


I got this girl at my job. She's married got kid and stuff. I won't lie that she's attractive but I DON'T DO MOMS OR MARRED WOMAN OR CO-WORKER. She's clearly unhappy in her life and would love to go back in the time of hers life where she was drinking at the bar and fucking 12 different dude during 1 menstrual cycle (She said something similar).

The problem I have with her is that she's taking EVERYTHING I do as a way to get in her pants. My job force me to work in team with her since there is a lot of task assign to hers only. I am in a situation where I can only go to her to fix some problem about her task she done. But she take that as a ''I want your attention kind of thing'' or a '' I like you kind of thing". But I only go to her to ask fix what she fucking messed up. Now, she's cracking joke about me making drama and stuff mean girl do. Now I'm sick of her shit.

I used to see her as the Wonder Woman of the office (meaning she was the superhero of the office). I used to be inspired by her... I my goal at this place was to be like her... But, now I see her as the 2nd worst employee because of this problem and the problem she cause by messing up.

What can I do to stop her from creating drama and making me the center of the joke in the office?
I need help with my female co-worker?
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