Girls I need your opinion on this girl's behavior ...

I've been friends with this girl for a couple of years now and at some point I really wanted to be more but she is really hard to read. She is really shy when we hang out but confused to me that she used to be a big flirt. She also told me that she told me that she played a lot of head games when she was younger and she was afraid to tell me that she thinks I'm a great guy (I'm still confused about that one).

Anyway ... I made the mistake to tell her that I liked her too soon and things got a little awkward back then so I played it cool and acted like if it never happened. The reason I did it is because when we first met I thought we had a good connection, flirted a lot, hanged out almost weekly and she introduced me to her friends and family so to me things looked fine. When she told me that she didn't feel the same way I distanced myself and started dating other girls even though we kept talking from time to time.

Now that I broke up with my ex she is showing more interest in my life (she always does it only when I'm single) and kinda opened up to me a little (emotionally). She would listen to my dating problems but never shares hers (she says she doesn't feel comfortable talking about it, which is strange because every other girl I'm good friends with will straight talking about their guys the minute you put the word guy in a sentence lol). So I don't know that she is seeing anyone right now but she hasn't mentionned anyone since we first met (3 years ago).

She usually prefers to stay at home to watch TV or read a book (used to be a party girl) but sleeps during the day works at night so most of our conversations are late at night or on emails (which seems to be working for us cause there is less awkwardness I guess).We have always been flirty with each other but it the first time that we actually talk about how we feel for each other (nobody said the *L* word).

The problem is that she would said that she misses me, that we should hang out sometimes and even agree to a time and place but will completely stood me up, not even calling to cancel, give me a bs excuse, avoid me for a week or two and then come back and tell me that she misses me again (she did it more than once but never when she was the one who proposed).

I really like her and I think that she might have feelings for me too but I'm not sure and not into head games. I keep things fun between us but I will keep my options open as long as she will play this little game.

I really need someone's opinion about what is going on so what do you think?
She likes you but is confused about how she feels or is waiting for you to make a move
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She likes you but is afraid you might hurt her or to lose the friendship
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She sees you only as a friend and you read too much into this
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She is just a flirt and is leading you on
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She doesn't know what she wants
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+1 y
She asked me to hang out in her neighborhood more often lately because they moved into a new house and introduced me to her parents ... I don't know if it makes a difference.
Girls I need your opinion on this girl's behavior ...
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