Should I break up with her?

I will try to make this short. This girl that i have been seeing for 2 months now. At first, it was awesome but now i don't know if her feeling for me are gone. She has been distant for like 3 weeks now. She takes hpurs to reply, she doesn't want to talk anymore. I invited her to my house to watch a movie and talk. She said that it was ok, so i told her i was going to pick her up at 7:00 and she said that it was too early. I told her to call me when she was ready and i would go and pick her up. She said ok. It was 10:00 and she didn't call. I went om snapchat and one of her friends posted a video and i saw her in the video. I called her and asked what happened and she didn't say anything. I asked her where she was and she just said "i'm at my friend's house" like we didn't jave plans.

It seems to me like she is trying to make me break up with her. My question is
Should i break up with her?
I believe that is better to have nobody, than to be with someon who doesn't want to be there.
Should I break up with her?
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