How come only the Asian exchange girls pay me any attention (I'm White)?

So, I'm a Junior in college, and I have never had a girlfriend. I don't think I'm ugly. I'm 6'3" with dark brown hair and green eyes. I am built like a lumberjack, and am more muscular than about 90% of guys on campus. However, I have very little luck getting any (American) girls to notice me.

My college campus has a TON of Asian exchange students (mostly from China and Vietnam). Since I'm in pre-med, I have a lot of smart girls in my classes, meaning that there are also a lot of Asian exchange girls. I've noticed that the only girls who will flirt with me, or just show any signs of interest, are from Asia. I don't mind it at all, as most of these girls are at least somewhat cute.

Even when I'm at the dining hall, I notice that Asian exchange girls will stare at me, but no other girls will. It's so common that Asian girls stare at me and/or flirt with me, that my friends jokingly call me the "Oriental Ladykiller." Seriously, out of the thousands of White dudes on campus, they seem to single me out. They never go for any of my friends, and I never see an Asian exchange girl flirting with any other White guys.

I also work in a research lab on campus with a grad student from Beijing. She is SUPER flirty and touchy with me. So flirty, that it actually makes me a bit uncomfortable. She compliments me all the time, and asks to hang out outside of lab quite a bit.

I am very shy and reserved. Does that perhaps have something to do with it? I know that American girls don't like shy guys (or at least they ignore them), but are Asian women more receptive to shyness? Or are Asian girls just more aggressive and forthcoming than American girls?

I'm not really complaining, but I'm just curious as to why it seems like lots of Asian exchange girls love me, whereas American girls don't even notice I exist...
How come only the Asian exchange girls pay me any attention (I'm White)?
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