PART 2 - how can a guy ignore a girl who is already ignoring him?

3. in the party that guy was standing behind her , or putting his hand on the gurl's chair while taking picture.
they were mostly communicating, on fone or face to face. she never talked to me.. instead i was a fool to start a
conversation with her, [the only words that came was " u eaten.. how u find the party?"]

4. back to work on Monday. suddenly we met in corridor, she looked away n was walking, that mmt i glanced at
her, but honestly i didn't recognise her. then she talked to me saying " you alrite. " . i replied yes.
then she went bk to her sit n sent me a Skype message saying " thank you" , because i sent her the picture i took
for her n her friends in the party. i wonder why she culdnt even look at me and say thank you...

5. if she needs something about work , she skypes me n be direct. we never tries to handle conversation.. i am fed up
about such thgs. if she needs me to go away, why can't she tell straight away. rather than ignoring me?

all i knw b4, i cared for her but i can't do or ask more than this..

in my life, i never learnt to ignore people, because i have faced " ignored by my ex-gf long time back..
since this gurl is ignoring me, i feel the same as long ago..
when i ignored her today, i really felt pain..

all my friends talk to her, sm of them gives her lift to bus stop. but me i have nothing. i feel dull , i can't even smile.
now its like when i try to force it, i fail.. i remain serious.

i wonder where i failed where this guy got into her.. they take same bus everyday so they go home together..
its too hard. because whenever i asked her if i culd take her to bus stop, i mean walk with her as i dont hv car.
she refuses..
smtimes wanaa talk to her , but i am speechless.. now.

i fear that, the way i am ignoring her, this will be a proof that I LOVE HER n she will walk away even more.

it badly hurts.. i made a promise to ignore her as from today..

is it because i dont have a degree n am tall, skinny n ugly in some ways, that n gals are attracted to me..

PART 2 - how can a guy ignore a girl who is already ignoring him?
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