Is there something wrong with me help?

So all my life I have always been shy, revered, not very confident, over thinker and always anxious. I'm 24 now and so unhappy the past is killing me how I didn't do well in school how I'm not in a good career how I don't have a good job.. How I'm so scared about succeeding and making good money and being happy. I have a degree in psychology but not great school records I have some work experience but not enough I need to go back to uni now but I'm soooo scared I can't decide what to major in I keep thinking I will not be capable to do well or be good in a job. All my life everyone has doubted me tbh I'm not very smart. I did well in uni (wasn't the best uni I went to ) but I did study (could have done better but laziness and insecurities a got in the way.

Also though I haven't had the greatest upbringing I mean my family are great I love my mum etc. But my dad has never been in my life we moved to another country I barely spend any time in primary school when I went high school i started off very motivated.. But people demotivated me I was picked on I lost focus by concentrating on other stupid things. I didn't feel the smartest tbh maths was my weakness and other subjects I just didn't feel smart I didn't study :(. Anyway I studied during Uni cause I was scared shitless!

three years passed after graduating in so lost I need to go back but a profession in healthcare scares me now not good enough pay eg. Nursing. I working as a healthcare assistant ( nurses tell me they hate their job too many complications not enough money) people I work with I hate them ( not all but majority) it's not a clean environment. I don't know :( . I'm just very lost!

I COMPARE MYSLELF TO EVRYONE!!! :((( I'm becoming depress cause I really don't think I'm good enough I just feel useless that I'm good for nothing. Cause I feel this way I'm unfocused and unmotivated therefore impacting everything in my life ( hobbies/friends / relationships / my work / everything!
Is there something wrong with me help?
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