Why am I so desperate for love that I already have?

I went from being in a horrible relationship for 3 years (it didn't start off bad) with someone I was extremely in love with, and though he claims he did, he never acted like he loved me back. It was abusive in every way possible. Then when I finally got out of that relationship I met the most amazing guy, one I know who would never hurt me and he does everything in the world for me, it's the type of love that people wish they had. Literally no one could treat me better, but I don't love him. I did in the beginning, but for some reason now I always find myself looking for more. I'm talking to a few guys right now that I've known since before my current boyfriend, and they're really flirty but casual relationships. I like to tell myself I'd never cheat on him but if the opportunity presented itself I might hook up with one of these guys, so I'm planning on breaking up with my boyfriend because I couldn't do that to him. But before I do I want to know why I'm like this, none of these guys would ever, EVER, treat me as good as he does yet I want to be with them. I don't even want a relationship with them though. Why can't I be satisfied? My guy is literally the type of guy girls pray for and dream about but for some reason, it's just not for me. I loved him once but then I went out of the country with a group of strangers and I thought maybe I stopped loving him because I fell in love with a guy on the trip, but I'm starting to think I might've fallen in love with a girl on the trip? But I don't know because I could be getting the two mixed up, one I love as a friend and one I love more. I've never thought about being bi but sometimes I do or say things that people are like uh? Even my boyfriend. Could my lack of satisfaction with anyone be because of that? Though I really don't think so, but I've never tried so. Could it be daddy issues? Issues because of my last relationship? Somebody psychoanalyze me please.
Why am I so desperate for love that I already have?
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