Girls, My ex blocked me. Will my ex ever contact me again? Have I pushed her too far?

My ex cheated on me Last July (2016) and broke up with me in November.
In January and Beyond I became needy, insecure and suffocating. She had lied to me during that time period as well. She was ashamed of what she did. Regretted. She went into a dark place and hated herself.
Anyway she blocked me an April and it has done me well. She needed to block me in order for us to have space because we would always wind up talking again.. or messaging eachother. She had contacted me a few times in June and same for me. I stupidly picked up and called back or texted back.
Anywho I met with her August 1st after not seeing her for 3 months and texting her for basically 2.
I know she gained feelings for another guy but things were cut short

When I met up with her recently (September) she expressed and showed that she is getting her life back together. Doing all the things I had been nagging her to do. Taking care of her health being more mature and just improving herself daily. Making better life choices and I'm very happy for her and she is very happy. She loves her life at the moment and she is happy and that confidence I must say is amazing.

I texted her a few times throughout 2 weeks but she ignored them, lied about wanting to be friends and blocked my number now. I guess I annoyed her with the texts and the fact how i say i will leave her alone and the and come back later. I think she thinks i'm weak and might of lost respect for me. I mean it did take me almost a year to let go. We had a lot of on and off and then when she blocked me the first time in April it was hard for me to let go and i tried contacting her a few times. I think she thinks i will always try to reach out to her, but i sent her an email after she blocked me and it will be the last thing i sent her. I don't care if she replies, but in the back of my mind i think have i pushed her so far away from me? Will she ever contact me again? I'm upset at myself for making myself look weak.
Girls, My ex blocked me. Will my ex ever contact me again? Have I pushed her too far?
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