Why do all guys, who are in relationships, confide in me?

I have noticed in the last couple of years since I have been single guys, I mean ALL guys have a tendency to first tell me they are in a relationship if they are in one ( I don’t ask and I’m not even flirting). I feel like this is a warning to say hey single lady I’m taken. I now find this quite comical. However, my issue is then they proceed to tell me they love their partner but then say how horrible, unhappy, how mean they are with their partner etc, etc.

It has gotten so bad that my girlfriend’s boyfriends are confiding in me. I just listen and sometimes give advice BUT always on how they can make their relationship better. I have tried to make sure I am never alone with a friend’s boyfriend. However, I work with one of my best friends boyfriends. I am a friend with both but whenever it is quiet in the office he will voice his concerns about their relationship and that he wants to date other people. He is 25 and I am 36. Also the other line I hear a lot from him and other guys is that they have not told anyone except me how they feel.

I’m confused. Iv asked why they are telling me and they say that they trust me and I am a good listener. Sometimes they have said they wish their wife was more like me. Honestly, what am I doing to wrong. I feel like they are testing the waters to see if I would have a fling but then I think I'm over thinking the situation and I should just be a good friend.

Ahhhh so what is your take.

Thank you. I guess they know I can give them an inside take on their situation without me blabbing to everyone. OK I feel better now.


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  • You could come across as a person who is good to confide in, you probably make friends easy, can build rapport wtih people easily its like a gift...


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  • It sounds like you are easy to talk to and allow the person to tell you their story, and probably give good advice. I would thank God for giving you this wonderful ability to be that good with people! :) It might be what God wants you to do now in your life.