Did she cheat? wasn't home by 6 am?


My girlfriend and I are taking a break, I know she started seeing someone else but I made it clear if she kept on seeing him it would be over. I've been trying to catch her lately because she's been raising red flags while wanting to get back together, her words completely contradict her behavior.

So for new years, we got into a fight and she didn't want to spend it with me. I saw her earlier around 8 pm to have dinner but she was in a bad mood and didn't even let me kiss her, which felt really weird..

She had just arrived back home from visiting her parents for 2 weeks, I dropped her dog off. She had "plans" to visit some male friend and attend their party, I was suprised she'd leave her dog alone for that considering it has never experienced fireworks before. Worst thing is, I was so curious about how she'd deal with the situation so after I was done with my own new year party, I decided to drop by her apartment and check it out at 6 am... I know that's creepy AF but I needed to know.

She left the dog alone and wasn't even home! On her messenger it shows her last online at 1 am.

Did she sleep over at the guys house or am I being really way too paranoid and creepy?
I'm thinking she did and I just need to cut her out of my life.
Did she cheat? wasn't home by 6 am?
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