Does she like me (again)?

dear guys and girls,

I'm sorry for posting this up twice( link

you can see the story from the previous question about how all it started. anyway this is a continuation of that actually. but anyway I will tell about it briefly. she is this girl who I like. we are both 16. her birthday is one day after mine =D.

i started to like her for about 4 months now. this is because I thought she showed some potential signs that she liked me:

playing with her hair

we have a good flow of conversation

she sometimes glances or stares at me in classes

And I'm like the only guy of her age that is her good friend(other guys are like WAY older than her)(BUT she never discussed with me about other guys)

im positively sure she is single

So as you guys can see she has good potential. so for a couple of months I have been seeing her and she was giving positives signs(mostly glances and short stares and good conversations which are not one-way). I always wanted to tell her that I like her but I was too scared. so I was holding it. till one day...

i decided to text her my feelings:


X(not her real name). Listen. I have something to tell you... but I don't know whether I should... should i? or not?


i don't know. lol. up to you I'm not gonna force you.


oh god this is hard...should i?


technically you're not saying it


you decide


i don't know. depends what it is


ok. it when a guy likes...get it?


i think so. wait. which guy are we talking about here?


its me...


oh. who? ******(is this girl another girl) is it. Haha


no. I never liked her. lol. I like this girl... I'm trying to say something here...


yes okay. have to go now. bye.

then she didn't reply my messages for the night...

the next day I text her...


hey you didn't attend class. OMG! I'm so sorry about yesterday! my annoying cousins had my phone! they were f**king around with it! so sorry!


Omg. Thank god. I was like...this is SO NOT (my name). Studying at home. my test is tomorrow :)


oh OK. Good luck!:)

so as you can see I gotta free jailbreak ticket! so I'm lucky!

in conclusion, I'm not sure how to tell her and I think I'm suffering from frienditis. so pls help. GUYS AND GIRLS. Thx :)
Does she like me (again)?
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