Would you allow?

Let's say you want to pee and your boyfriend says can he watch you pee would you allow him to watch?
You were walking with your boyfriend in the forest then you wanted to pee and you squatted down to pee and he said can I watch will you allow him?
And can you pee in front of your guy friend?Would you allow??

  • Yes he can watch me pee its just pee
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  • No he can't pee time is me time
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  • If a partner wants to watch me pee, I say let them. Whether it's their fetish, or they just curious what it looks like exactly, I say let them.
    As for pee in front of a guy friend, sure, I can pee in front of them. Maybe not let them stare like you would a partner, but still fine peeing around friends or family. As long as not strangers :P


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What Girls Said 23

  • I wouldn't mind at all if it were even close friends, I'd just be really embarrassed about it and shy but yeah.. in the right situation I would. Like if I were trapped in a stuck elevator with a guy and needed to pee badly, I think even at that point I wouldn't care who seen me pee.

    • Lolz you would even care if he was in the elevator and looking at your p***y as u pee and watch him have a boner?

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    • Honestly didn't have a clue that was a fetish, lol.

    • So he's free to look at your p***y from the back wild open with his boner jurking off as you pee? πŸ˜‚ lolz I too just discovered I have it but I just discovered it recently

  • If he was just in the bathroom doing his teeth or even in the shower that's fine but not directly watching me

  • If he wants to brush his teeth or something in the bathroom while I'm doing that, then maybe? But if he is straight up directly watching me pee then no. That'd make me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

    • What about if he you he has a pee fetish but only just watching you pee nothing else

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    • Basically

    • Ok noted πŸ‘

  • Yeah sure and I will "accidentally" poop so he never ask again, hopefully he won't have poop fetish *.*

  • HELL YES. he is my boyfriend and I love him I don't give a fuck if he watches me do anything because I am not hiding nothing

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