Why all of a sudden is he being mean to me? What is wrong with him?

To make long story short. I went out with this guys for 5 months and he would treat me bad so I broke up with him. I wasn't going to let him or anybody be putting me down. He felt sorry and apologize months later. He wants to get back with me but after everything I don't want to be with him and he knows but he keeps trying. Recently he has a new girlfriend, I knew he had one because I saw on facebook. He didn't tell me I don't care if he has one but I bugged me out because he didn't tell me. The point is that on this last Friday I went on a date. I asked him what I should wear because he has good sense in style and he told me. But when he told me he brought up his girlfriend. Saying "well when me and my babe go, I dress casual since its a movie." Yesterday, Saturday, we had this big church thing at the fairgrounds. And he wasn't being himself. He treated me like whatever and that isn't like him. He texted me after saying he looked good and I responded I guess. Then he was like I looked better then yo ass. And I was like OK how immature. I just told him if that makes you feel good about yourself then I guess. And he stopped texting me. So I want to know what is up with him? Why all of a sudden is he being mean to me.


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  • He stopes because guys don't like being rejected but I don't know why he is acting like ass hole I just treate all girls how I wan them to treat me or better.


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