My brother tried to commit suicide yesterday and is in the hospital. How do I act?

What do I say to him when I talk to him?

How do I act?

We are close but not super close,

we love each other but have a hard time expressing it.

i was molested two years ago and since then I can't express love well.

so I don't know how to act or say..

please help


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  • Sometimes saying less is more. Choose your words carefully - they might be hard to say. If you're worried about him, tell him that. Say, "I'm worried about you."

    If you care about him, if you love him, say that too, "I love you. I care about you, and I want you to be safe."

    If you want to give him permission to open up to you, maybe say, "Can you talk about it?" and listen. Sometimes the best way of showing you care about someone, is to listen to them. And who knows? He might have very little to say, or he might have a lot to say, and it will probably mean a lot to him that you listened.

    There's ways of showing you care physically too. If you both feel comfortable, you can give him a hug. Or even something as small as touching his hand. I'm sorry; it sounds like both of you have been in some very painful situations. Do what makes you both feel safe. Remember; the love is still there.

    • But honestly.. I don't know how to ask that.. like I'm bad at expressing how I feel or what I mean. I don't know what to do.

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    • You have been very strong. :) It takes a lot of strength to turn something so terrible around and make it positive. Do you mean, why would your brother try to leave? That's a hard question. And he might still be figuring it out himself as well. But it's not your fault. It's no one's fault.

    • I just don't feel like I have been the best sister I can be. I'm not the worst I don't disrespect him. its just I don't know I just wish he didn't do that... I don't know what to do and thank you.

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  • Recreate the situation for yourself imagine if you were soaked in suicidal thoughts and was super depressed what would you want someone to say trying to convince him out of it is really cliche and seems like it would help but he won't take it the right way with a mindset of the state he's in

    • Idk tho cause everyone is depressed and sad for different reasons..

    • Understood but take it in general just stay by his side maybe just try not to talk because when your that determined to end it all the last thing you want is someone to try to talk you out of it, its annoying so just sit by him and take care of him give him a vibe of love instead of verbally showing it

  • I would give him an animadversion myself. If you try and fail to commit suicide than you're a pathetic bitch.

    • Well I'm glad there is pathetic enough people out there to make a comment like yours when theyres people outthere struggling to live. I didn't ask for asshole answers I asked for help. and yours deffinately doesn't help. lets see how a suicide can fail.. he took two big bottles of medicine.. and someone found him before he was dead.. that's how a suicide can fail. so I suggest you be quiet and just be positive in life instead of trying to be rude to other people. thanks.

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    • Think what you want. everyday basis is something to deal with whether its something as simple as watching a show you don't like. you deal with it. and that's what I'm trying to do but wanted advice that would be helpful to me, and not be sh*tty towards me. so just get over yourself. I put my thing as anonymous because I didn't want people to know who I was because its my personal buisness you put yours like that cause your a little bitch and ddont want anyone to know how big of a unhearted **** you

    • LMAO. Look again. I'm not even anonymous you dumbf***.

  • been there

    just tell him you love him

    it helps alot


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  • I know that when you hear some-one close to you tried to commit suicide you suddenly go blank.

    But you need to stand strong for your brother. Hug him and kiss him, tell him he is the best brother in the world.. Molested is a horrible feeling. I was molested when I was a little girl, but right now your brother needs you and his family. Talk with him try and bring a smile to his face.

    He needs you right now, stand strong:)

    May God watch over your brother and help him see the right path:)


    • Our family all loves each other well our immediate family. we don't see any of our aunts and uncles and its messed up but there's not too much drama.. but we don't know how to communicate because when my bros were little they would fist fite and all these things.. so they talk but they don't open up to each other. I'm going to try ill see him today I'm just really nervous. thank you though.

    • All the best:)

  • no one is going to have the right answer unless they were in that situation and even then its never the same well always the same so do what you think should be done... =D