Is she trying to impress me to be my girlfriend?

This girl in my class befriended me by laughing loudly at my jokes and started talking to me. She butts into my conversations to talk to me or laugh at my jokes. Her friend tries to get me to talk to her and asked me to chase after her as a joke. She playfully teases me by scaring me with a big smile. Giggles a lot and giggles when I look at her. She compliments me often and finds out information about me to tell me what she's been told about me. She starts all the conversations and when I start it she scares me. When we talk she always tries to get us closer to each other and invents reasons to get close to me. One is she wants selfies next to me and sends them to me to put on Facebook so she can like it then tell me the next day she likes it when SHE took it. Her cheeks get rosy sitting next to me she gets all red talking to me and can't look me in the eyes. She holds long smiles and eye contact both don't stop. She liked a picture I put on Facebook with dad tagged in it so dad saw it on his notifications. Well he told me she likes me and she told me the next day she likes it as I thought walk into class. A teacher she talks to told me she talks about me and stuff I talk about and something's I do. She's asked me how much I'm taller than my dad by. She mentioned something our dads did together. One time she wore a V neck dressed nicely that showed tiny bit of cleavage and her friend asked me to sit next to her for a picture so she puts her arms close together and leans in towards me. Before every picture with me she has me get real close to her. She mirrors my body language and lingo. When I walk up to her friend she informs her of my presence and says her name and her friend says hi and is really nice to me yet I don't know her too well. She stares at me in class when she should be focused on something else. When I do something bad or say something bad she warm heartedly says my name. Her parents know about me because she told me something only they'd know


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  • The only thing missing here is someone drawning how obvious this all is... perhaps add a donkey on it, wich would be you. Wake up dude..


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  • yeah she likes you its pretty obvious and she wants to be your girlfriend


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