Another Does she like Me question... Hear my situation out and tell me what you think?

It's the question all guys want to know 'Does she like Me and if so How can I tell?'. Okay so there is this absolutely stunning girl I am sum what attracted to but my problem is that I am so confused on where I stand with her like it's actually bad. I'm the type of guy who doesn't mind being rejected by a girl because I know there is the 'one' out there somewhere and I won't let rejection destroy our friendship. But now with this girl, I always seem to have an amazing time with her at school and when we talk over the phone but I don't know at all when I stand with her it's soo irritating (women you truly torture us like this). I'm not going to lie, according to some girls I've spoken to I would be considered as the decent type of guy and some have said I'm good looking. But I still feel that I'm no where near her standards (and yes I know that's not what I should be thinking but here me out). Her past relationships have been with some pretty respected guys (good looking, bulk, etc) how do I match what they could give her if I have less to offer? I just want to know if its worth giving it a try and hoping for the best (keep in mind that this girl is one of the hardest girls to 'go for', she has a lot of hatred for many things in this world and is kind of a "don't worry about what's happening to me rn in my life") I want to get her to open up and get to know me but how PLEASE! HELP!


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