Girls, She will come up to me then walk away while I am talking?

I have a coworker and we are close unfortunately she is married, but we have been close for a bit but due to the situation with work and her being married nothing further has happened beyond occasional non work related phone calls and teasing and us saying we are important to each other in so many words (i miss you etc...) but nothing beyond that.

With that said this is more so my curiosity, I am not asking this to initiate anything just wondering why. She is a very outgoing person and I notice she does not do this to other guys but some days she will come up to me to initiate a conversation and after starting the conversation when I begin to respond she will literally walk off.

Im not going down a rabbit hole or open a can of worms to ask about this, so if any females may have an idea. There was an awkward situation the other day where I called to my coworker and she came up to me smiling and i laughed and said i was talking to someone else, but she is not a spiteful person I dont think and this has happened other times (unless i did something like this that i can't think of) where she simply walks away during a conversation with me that she initiated. Sometimes she might even return after to say something unrelated to me. I am basically asking because she is a great person, but I can't say this has happened to me before.
I should mention it occurs shortly after she initiates the conversation, she will come up to me say something, i may begin to say a few words back (not even a full sentence) and she will walk away.

Anyone else does this I would just stay away or not bother, but we are close, and this does not happen a lot but it does happen randomly. I dont chase after her and usually i just go back to work and sometimes she may return to say something in general.
Anyone else able to relate or want to take a stab at this.


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  • She probably dint like what your saying

    • I think she was saying goodbye for the day and I brought up a Skype message she asked me about earlier (nothing major), I personally did not see anything that would cause her to take offense. When she does it the conversation has not really began and I have said very little.

      Given that what I dont understand is why come up and initiate it and then walk away? Why even bother?

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