Girl at uni uncomftable with me?

SO, there's this really cute girl at my uni, and we met at the begining of the semestre, we share some clases so we started hanging out once or teice a week, after a bit, I asked her out to an open mic night, it started kinda late on a Friday, so she said yes at first but later told me she was tired, so nothing happened. After a couple of weeks, I tried again, this time to a gastronomical festival in our town, and she also said yes at first but later turned it down under the excuse that she had to do homework. This was about a month ago, we still hang out during lunch break a couple of times a week, we talk and she even laughs at what I say sometimes. Am I making her feel uncomftable?, Is she just rrying not to be rude to me? Im really unsure, becuase both times I asked her out her excuses were perfectly valid, but I still felt she just didn't feel like it. I haven't tried asking her out since then (obviously). What should I do? Any signs I should recognize?


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  • If she wants to meet she will give you a time


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