So there is this girl, and she's probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen... and...

BACKGROUND INFO: I think this is relevant, our families hate other kinda. My parents sued her parents a few years ago and kinda fucked them over.

So I always kinda viewed her as a forbidden fruit. But like 2 months ago, something happened. We just kind of looked at each other and things changed... My parents think I like her but don't really care. Her parents on the other hand have really started giving me dirty looks ever since, where as before they just ignored me.

HER BEHAVIOR: She smiles when she sees me with my parents. Stares at me, plays with her hair and clothes.

I usually see her come and go in her car, OK so sometimes I make sure she sees me when she gets home from her job...

She stares at me when she's inside her car.
Sometimes she looks at me when she gets out, then quickly turns around, puts her head down and plays with her hair as she walk.
Sometimes she won't look at me when she gets out but acts like she is doing something, and peaks at me from the corner of her eyes, then walks sideways kinda so she doesn't face me.
Other times we make eye contact and she quickly turns away and plays with her hair. Usually puts her head down.
Sometimes she looks, then turns her head right away. Sometimes she looks up as she's walking inside.
When she walks past me she plays with her phone and looks at me like she's not looking and gets a big smile.
If I'm on my phone, she'll sometimes try to listen to me.

Today, she stared at me when she was in her car, then avoided me when she got out but was fidgeting with her bag and hair and when she was by her door she had a huge smile and kinda looked my way. Then her dad went outside and gave me the dirtiest look. He sometimes does that when she goes home and I'm outside.

I don't know if she acts this way coz she hates me or is afraid of me coz her family hates me. Serious replies only please. I dont know how to read her


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  • She doesn't hate for sure. Maybe she has a crush on you, but the situation between families are not so good and she thinks that nothing can happen between you two.

  • When a girl plays with her it's like 85% chance she likes you, side glances are a good sign too, I don't think she hates, I think she likes you, but is shy? or worried about the famliy situation.


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