Why would my sweet crush ignore me?

My crush always texts me sweet things on PM, we talk about so many different subjects and our conversations never get boring because we have so much in common, we laugh, theorize, make fun of people, talk about our interests, and generally a good time
But sometimes, she just leaves me on "delivered" on purpose, it can go on for years until i text her again, i know she's ignoring me n she's not busy because she talks on group chat and changes her username...
Why is she doing this? Does she not enjoy our conversations? :(
Should i just give up on her and not make her my crush anymore? I really like her a lot 😞


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  • Haha omg, this really sounds childish.

    Relax. She also wanna chat with her other friends, not only u.

    Can she? May she?

    Yes, she ignores you.
    But in this case, she wants to breathe.. pause texting you. And thrn continue texting again.

    • She never texts again, until i send another text to her and look pathetic :(

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    • Ok, i give u some facts. Bcoz i have been there. Exactly.

      1. She actually has no special feelings for u (yet).
      2. The more u push her with ur texts, just trust me, the more she get bored and becomea annoyed with you. And if u text her again, she even thinks u bug her, and really leave u.
      3. I have ever made a mistake, had arelationship witj a guy that i have never really like. But i accept him to be his girlfriend. But, he feels empty and not feel loved ny me. It is always him that pour me love. I cannot... Give that much care to him. Bcoz from the very beginning, i told him already that i still need time to grow feelings. My feelings towards him are very premature. But he does want me, so i feel ok im gonna give it a try. He suffers. And i feel guilty. This kind of thing cannoy be forced. And geez u are 18. She is 19. Trust me, she is much more mature than u. Look at you, how panic and sad u are. Yes, u look pathetic. Dont act like this. Otherwise, girls cannot respect and charmed by you

    • True :( what do i do now?
      Should i just cut the texts and wait until we meet again? So her feelings can grow?
      We still talk on the group chat sometimes when she's on
      And yeah she's mature that's why i fell in love with her... My 2 exes left me for the dumbest reasons
      I'm ready to give her my all :( but how do i know if she's gonna do the same to me?

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  • lol I think if someone takes more than a year to respond, it's time to move on

    • I'm just confused because sometimes she's really sweet and nice to me :( she never responds unless i send another text over the old one...

    • aw I think you should try to move on or just ask if you're bothering her

  • Forget about her

  • Something doesn’t sound right


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