How many of you women are sex offenders?

Answer anonymously if you are scared to say you might be a sex offender. I was just thinking about the girls who have sexually assaulted me and that I have never assaulted anyone. I know how to make you know I like you, if I ever go in for a kiss I knew she wanted to kiss me. I don't mean playfully touching my butt or boobs because women are touchy with each other and sometimes it's not sexual.

What I mean is doing something they know I wouldn't like while trying to see if they could get away with it. I have never reported these girls because I never felt threatened to be honest, and probably never will since they are girls. If I don't like it and she continues I'll kick her ass. The only time I'd report her is if she threatens me life which has never been the case, they just end up hating me and then we avoid each other.

I remember also my sister's friends in high school told me that she was a sexual predator who assaulted the boys. Of course I didn't say anything in front of her friends because I didn't want to embarrass her, but I spoke to her in private and told her it is still wrong even though some of them might like it. I am no longer friends with her and I did remember her boyfriend telling me that she is sexually aggressive and it looks like he is afraid of her. I think my sister was molested as a child.
Men has any woman violated you? and women have you ever been assaulted by another female friend or is it just Jamaican culture that's like this, because I know other girls from Jamaica who also experience female sex offenders.
How many of you women are sex offenders?
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