Do girls understand the relationship guys have to their balls?

I saw this youtube video where a very little boy hugs his older sister who sits on the ground, when his second sister, who is at least 1 head taller than him, kicks him in the balls from behind.
The little boy then stumbles to his bed, cries out "right in the body part" , and you can see that he is really distressed and wants to let his sisters know that he is physically and emotionally hurt.
The girl filming just starts to laugh, judging from the height the video was taken from, she was older than him too.
The sister on the ground offers the boy another hug, then chuckles too, which makes the boy turn around and walk away, still crying.
Evidently, the video then landed on youtube.

Imagine this were three brothers, all older and taller than the little girl, and one of them kicked her so hard between the legs from behind, that she starts to cry... then she tries to make them understand the she is hurt, and they just all laugh at her, and then upload the video to youtube.

It makes me wonder if girls even understand that little boys have feelings too, and that doing this is just... wrong, and incredibly disresepectful and hurtful.
Taking advantage of someone's weakspot like that, especially if a girl/woman does it to a boy/man, knowing that he just has to take it.

It makes me angry that so many female characters, especially in childrens' movies, kick male characters in the balls for all kinds of reasons that are not self defense, that it is portrayed as funny or cool, and that the girl gets away without consequences.

Why do we teach little boys that it is never ever ok to hit girls, but we don't teach girls that it is never ok to kick a boy there either, except for self defense reasons, but portray and think of it as funny?

I really struggled with this growing up, and still struggle with the thought that women think that boys and mens' feelings are less worth, or less existent, and that they don't understand what our balls mean to us.
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I never had a relationship with a girl, I never kissed a girl and never held a girl's hand because of this, although there were girls I liked who expressed interest in me... it seriously messed with my head. I don't know why I am so sensitive about this, but I am unable to trust women.
I know there is more violence by men against women, but those men are criminals. It is not normal for a man to find it funny, or be indifferent, when a man hits a woman.
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I just want to feel like women know that men are just as sensitive on the inside, that we have souls too, and that our feelings are just as important.
Do girls understand the relationship guys have to their balls?
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