Anyone think anyone is lying here?

HER Can I kiss you? (stares)

HIM Did you plan this!? (smiles)

HER No. (smile)

HIM I thought something was up,(smiles)

HIM I knew you were acting weird.. (smiling walking over )

HER I didn’t plan this(serious)

HIM I believe you.. (about to kiss her)

THEY (Kiss 30 seconds)

HIM ... This isn’t wise

HER (Stops immediately) What do you mean (suspicious)

HIM I just don’t think we should start something (unsure)

HER How do you feel about me..(matter of fact)

HIM I Like you, I think you are interesting and intelligent I like hanging out with you .. I'm ATTRACTED to you.. I also think you are weird and you freak me out..

HER Wait WHY am I weird? (skeptical)


HER We you’re not so normal yourself (matter of fact)

HIM I know.. I jut don’t think we should start something…Things change- I’LL get attached or you'll get attached.. I know how I get..

HER Yea I do too..(amused)

HIM What do you mean! (defensive)

HER (carefully) I think even if you like someone you won’t want to be in a relationship because you need space& you’re very erratic so you can't really be depended upon in the way you think other people want you to be. You don’t want to feel guilty as a result of something that really isn’t anyone else's business. Its OK I understand I’m similar for different reason but I understand wanting space (smiles)

HIM I just don’t think it’s a good idea.. (careful)

HER (Looks down in thought)

HIM What? - Don’t be sad..

HER No no, nothing like THAT. I’m just –confused.. I don’t now why were talking about this, I just wanted to kiss you.

HIM I know.. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for us to start something..

HER Oh! (smiles) I’m just talking about now..

HIM Well things change- really its not good, ( nervous)

HER But I’m just talking about now! (smiles)

HIM But what happens after?! (anxious)

HER I’m.. just talking about NOW (perplexed)

HIM You say that now -but things change! What about after? (worked up)

HER I’m just talking about now- I don’t understand (perplexed)

HIM I could carry you into the bedroom and make love to you- but what about after- what happens after!? (excitable)

HER Nothing.. I leave you leave- that’s it.. nothing happens (practical)

HIM I just don’t think we should start something. (resigned)

HER Ok.. Soooooo does this mean you’re going to freak out & stop talking to me ?(playful)

HIM Noooo were friends we can still hang out- I just don’t think we should start something …(playful & serious)

HER ….And that I can't kiss you anymore? (playful)

HIM I don’t have a PROBLEM with that (playful smiling)

THEY He kisses her they kiss

HER I have to go to work, (stops. apologetically)
+1 y

HIM (Jumps back confused uncertain)

HER I think I’m late. Can I use your phone?

HIM (Gets the number calls a cab)

HER Thanks (relieved)

HIM See you soon.. (following her out the door)
+1 y
(We had been doing laundry in the morning before work for three hours a day for about two months- slightly different the day. He was being extra nice so I was pretty sure he wouldn't get mad If asked him if could kiss him & I asked in case he had problem)
+1 y
(He kinda waited to tell me he had a problem- would've ben better initially- I just felt like a kiss)

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Anyone think anyone is lying here?
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