Depressed for being poor?

I'm sort of depressed for being poor. I never had any vacations. I'm always jealous that my friends have the chance to go for vacation. Any ways to help get rid of this depression I have?

I hear you girls and guys. Thank you for the responses and advice. Just to say, I WILL :)
Teen - We have the time and energy but no money.

Adult - We have the money and energy but no time.

Old - We have the time and money but no energy.

I guess it's best to appreciate what we have now :D


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  • I'm sorry. You're right, recognize the feelings, then accept it, and ''declare'' to yourself and the ''world'' that this is only for now, that your future will be different.

    And that you are learning a lot from these difficulties, and will appreciate much more your new better reality when it comes the time. (But you have to believe on it, believe it's possible,make it happen)!

    You can't control/change the fact that you are poor now, since you're 18, but you know that you are responsible for your own future, and if you don't want to your life to continue like this, you can change it, it IS possible.

    You can start to plan on how you'll achieve your goals and dreams... I say: study hard, work hard, continue being decent and honest, and also grateful for everything you have, like health and family.

    Don't waste your energy thinking on things that you don't have, because you'll only attract more of these bad things and it won't make resolve the situation.

    Try to only imagine your goals, your happyness, your dreams becoming true, and most important of all: make it happen, do your part when you have the opportunity. Don't give up.

    Let all this disappointment, depression and bad energy change/become as a motivation to a new life, make a change, and have faith on your destiny.

    If you're a christian, than you know that you can always count on Jesus, on the bad and good moments. He won't let you down.

    But if you're not a believer, I respect that, but it's important to talk to someone you *trust*, because life is not, and sometimes we need a support to keep going.

    Remember you CAN change it, focus on that and follow your dreams, working on them, in order to make it reality.

    I translated, a beautiful brazilian music, because the lyrics is deep and will probably make you feel better :)

    Legiao Urbana - Mais uma vez (one more time).

    "But it's obvious that the sun is gonna return more time, I know.

    I already saw worse darkness, that make people insane.

    There's people that is on the same side of yours, but they should be on the opposite site.

    There's people who hurt the others, there's people that don't know how to love.

    There's people that may be betraying us, you can notice how our life is...

    But one day, we learn that if you need someone to believe, believe in yourself.

    Those who believe, achieve.

    But it's obvious that the sun is gonna return tomorrow, I already saw worse darkness, that make people insane.

    Wait, that ''the sun'' is coming.

    Never let anyone to tell you that is not worth to believe on your dreams, or that your plans won't work, or that you will be nobody.

    There's people that hurt the others, there's people that don't know how to love.

    But I know that one day, we learn,that if you need someone to believe, believe in yourself.

    Those who believe, always achieve; Those who believe, always achieve; Those who believe, always achieve."

    I have to go back to work now lol Bye, I wish you all the best!


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  • i never went on vacations or got all those expensive clothes and cell phones and ipods all the spoiled kids get..i mean my dad wouldn't even spend 50 cents on me unless it was my bday or Xmas lol.. I know how you feel I get a bit jelouse when my fiance talks about when he went to disney land and to the coast and the zoo and crap ill tell him 'stop bragging you spoiled brat' just makes me feel crappy when he talks about how great his childhood was.

    we aren't even broke my dads just a penny pincher becuase he was really poor as a kid.

    but alls I know is I'm going to start college in the spring and give my daughter everything I always wanted as a kid.. that's about all you can do lol

  • Aww:/ I'm sorry,but you shouldn't feel bad about being poor.Vacations are fun(I've been on many) but most people have to work to go on them.

    This should be your determination to get an education and better yourself,that way when you have a family,you can take them on vacations and your kids can have memories.

  • I don't think you're alone. I'm middle class, and I work realllly hard for my money and I get depressed sometimes to see some of the girls I went to high school with who get really nice cars, designer clothing and sh*t handed to them and they aren't even relatively good people. At this point, I pray to karma and work even harder for the stuff I want. (just because I have to work so damn hard and they don't I'm never nice to people like that. which in a sense is wrong, but I'm more polite and willing to listen to someone who works for a living and the things they own, they are usually nicer people anyways.)

  • at least you're alive

  • spend less want less, get a job...ride your bike. lol save for one thing and don't envy others. divvy up your money so you have it when you need it (always have an emergency saving and then some other savings for "fun" money and of course save for bills!)

  • WHo isn't?

  • Money will not bring you peace

  • :) ah Americans. so worries about worldly goods. you wouldn't be so depressed if you'd start caring more about your inner welfare. and that does NOT come with money or posessions :)

  • life isn't fair. deal with it

  • The grass is always greener on the other side. I know people with plenty of money who are still depressed an unhappy. Money can't buy you happiness. Just be happy for what you do have because there are people even less fortunate than you out there. And concentrate on making something of yourself so you never have money worries when you're older.

  • I didn't grow up really rich either but it is the small things that make me happy.

    Read a really good book that will make you laugh, and make you feel smarter for learning more words. Go to a quiet place in your house and meditate to really cool music, I like enya and yiruma. Things like that are what pleasures me, and helps me to relax and calm down. A nice long soothing hot bath or a cammomile tea is what I like to have once in a while, rather than use a ton of money to go to a vacation that I didn't even care to go to. I might get skin cancer from sun burn man... just kidding.

    enjoy your life...


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  • As I recall, the best times in my life happened when I was dirt poor and I am talking about 3rd world's standard of what poor was. You won't be jealous if you know how much sacrifice your friends' parents had to do to be able to afford vacations. I am not saying don't bother to try if you want to have more money to go on vacations and such, but in the grand scheme of things, the reward will be balanced by the effort. It is a matter of choice, really. I am not dirt poor anymore, because I have found a good balance between the kind of life style that I want and the kind of work that I have to do within my ability to afford it. Do I want to be a rich man like Bill Gates? Nope! Why? Because I don't thing the effort will worth the reward.

  • maybe you should stop being depressed which is a negative and uproductive term and become more proactive about your situation.

    only a very few people get life handed to them.

    I am 20 I have my own car my own apartment my own food/heat/water/phone/clothes ect bills.

    Bills every day. I work 3 jobs. You think I get a vacation? dude...Life sucks we make the best of it.

    Your under 18 so you shouldn't even be worring man live life up as you can now soon it gets harder.

    • I am glad you see it that way now man congrats. You can have anything if you work for it. And also my post wasn't to complain I would NEVER give up my freedoms and indepence no matter how much work it took. It takes work but I have what I want.