When a guy has a reputation of having females act bit by towards him?

I have the reputation of getting caught up in pointless beefs with mostly woman who feel im soft/weak in some way that leads them to want to provoke me

I retaliated in only half of them & im curious if the only reasons why I've been orovoked have to do with me being
unattractive, quiet (not shy), an introvert,"not packing", not muscular


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  • Why must you be involved with such bitchy women at all?

    • I don't personally involve myself with them
      they come to me

    • At work? What sort of industry are you in?

      Anyway, the goal should be to cut such women out of your life immediately whenever they show up. Just because you may be lonely does not mean you have to settle for their abuse. Loneliness would be MUCH better in such cases.

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