Does this mean she likes me or that she friendzoned me?

I was talking with this girl for a while now were in the same school but she's a year older than me. We were playing truth or dare over text when i asked her to describe me she said: "Well um i think ur pretty cool u r funny, kind, smart xd and yea a really good friend" then when i thanked her she replied with: "yw❤"
Does this mean she's into me or that im getting friendzoned?


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  • You’re in the friendzone, im sorry to say, she wouldn't call u a “good friend” if she didn't see u this way. If you just got to know her make a move as fast as possible, make her see u a boyfriend material, not a “good friend”. Good luck buddy


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  • Hard to say. But how not to be friend zoned is to not wait too long befpre makimg a move. Put in a little flirtimg here and there, then after some time, ask her out if you so desire.

    • Im not so good at this. Little flirting?

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    • It can be everyrhing from comoliments to simple teasing. Or sometimes naughty language, with that said, nothing too creepy.

    • You're welcome, good luck ;)

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  • A little hint how she looks when she likes you

  • That's nice and ambiguous. What other interaction with her have you had?

    • Well since i dont have my face on my fb she asked for a pic of me. So i sent her mu pics at disneyland paris "so innocent xd" she said

    • You're not actually friendzoned until you ask her out and she says you're friendzoned, but you have to do more to Show you're interested. Get her to hang out with you and then invite her to do stuff with you.

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