Should I wait or should I start to flirt more?

So there's this girl that used to like me and I like her. Some misunderstanding happened and we became friends. During that time I was chasing her and then found out she had a girlfriend so I stopped chasing her and started to be just her friend. She broke up with her boyfriend and is now single but she's also moving away for a bit. Her b day just passed not too long ago and I gave her a present with a card inside asking if she wanted to go on a date and see if there anything there. Only gave her a card instead of asking in person because she was super busy before she left and she was going to just pick it up while with some friends. Anyways so she didn't read the card before she left and I had recently asked her if she has read it yet. She was sorry she didn't notice it and wanted to know what I wrote on it. So I told her and she apologized again that she didn't get a chance to see it. She also said she can't wait to get back to read it and now that she's away for a bit and that I asked her out that she doesn't know what to say now.

Should I just leave it and wait for her to tell me when she's ready or should I try and set something up for when she's coming back to visit for a little bit again in about 2 months?


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