Help!! I think I messed up! Did I give the wrong impression in this text?

I sent out a text to a girl saying "Oh ok. Do you still want to go together on the subway? I know you said you were going with your friend and I don't want to intrude lol." So the story is while having luch with a girl the other day we were talking about an event happening tomorrow. She had told me before she was going to go with a friend who was going to meet her there. She said we should go together we can take the subway. I said that would be cool. Today we were having a short conversation about it and then I sent her that question because I wanted to plan it out. She has not responded but yet she posted a picture on Instagram that she's at a reveal party. I meant show that I didn't want to intrude if she and her friend were going to hang out together there and if it was cool that I was going. I know I should have done a better job at wording the text. I didn't realize until much later that it may sound like I didn't want to go on the subway with her. Now I'm kind of freaking out. Does it sound that way? I don't want to double text her because it might come off as desperate or needy. She's at a party so I guess she's just busy. When should I text her again? Tomorrow or before the day ends. What do I say?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Calm down man..
    Stop worrrying. She might just be busy she will reply when she reads your message.


What Guys Said 2

  • I don’t think the text gives the impression that you didn’t want to meet. It sounds perfectly fine to me. Maybe she’s just busy.

  • Bro take a breather. It's cool. Relax. Your text if fine. Just wait out the response


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