Why does she flirt with me and try to make me uncomfortable?

I met a girl and she started laughing loudly at my jokes and only at mine. She asked me to repeat it to her personally. Then waits later to tease me. She started chiming into my conversations and responding to stuff I say to try to talk to me, ask questions based on stuff I say ask me to repeat stuff to her or laugh stuff I say. Then she hovers around me if she can with her friend and start a conversation with me. She started taking selfies with me and asking me to get closer to her. I told her friend I don’t take selfies she said “Me and Rebecca are going to take care of that”. A day or two later she comes and gets me the girl is all dressed up and wears something that shows cleavage when she’s usually covered. The girl finds ways to compliment me. She gets red while talking and doesn’t look me in the eyes, hides her face. Well she liked a picture with my dad tagged in it on fb so she showed up on both our notifications then told me in person she likes it. Then she started doing this weird eye contact. While talking she holds long never ending eye contact and smiles. After we’re done in silence she stares into my eyes and smiles and continues doing it when I break eye contact she stares at me right in front of me. I cracked a joke she sat there in silence staring into my eyes and when I look away she continues staring. While this happens her friends smile and look at me or giggle uncomfortably.


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  • A proper strategy what to do:
    1) Stop givin' a f.. ck
    2) Relax and chill
    3) If u like her

    • Why would someone flirt to the point it’s uncomfortable and not stop

    • She's prolly horny. Just play her games but use condoms lol =D

    • Girls flirt nonstop when they’re horny?
      She holds eye contact to the point it’s uncomfortable and doesn’t stop then liked a picture with my dad tagged in it so she’s on our notifications to tell me in person she likes it

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