How often do you change your bra?

I change my bra twice a day lol


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  • Well, I don't wear a bra, but from what I've noticed with the women I've been in relationships with, I think under normal circumstances every 2-3 days seems about average. Of course, if you've been doing something where you get all sweaty, it should be washed before wearing it again.

    • I just saw your update. Do you think they really get dirty that often or are you just exceptionally interested in being clean? How often do you change your other clothes and your sheets?

      It would seem to me that washing them frequently would cause them to wear out faster so you might be costing yourself money by changing so often if it's not really necessary.

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    • I just read that you should change your bra once a day and not changing bra everyday can cause breast cancer. I forgot which site lol.

    • I doubt that not changing your bra every day could cause breast cancer. That seems a little hard to believe. I did a Google search and found one site that recommended changing every day, but they sell bras so of course they have a financial interest in women buying more bras so they can change them more often so I wouldn't really believe them.

      Based on what I know, I think every 2-3 days is pretty common and I don't know of anyone that's had any health problems as a result of that, but if you feel better changing more often that's up to you.

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  • Depends what i've been doing or if i'm going out later.

    If I am getting changed to meet friends I will most likely change my bra as i'll be wearing something different.

    But, if I have stayed at home all day I won't change it... that is of course if I have been wearing a bra which I usually don't at home anyway.


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  • A week.

    Well I wear it only in bed, so it's not really getting dirty.

    • Are you gay?

    • Do you put buns in your bra to make it look boobs?

    • No. I'm not gay. I like girls.

      No. That would be weird...

What Girls Said 2

  • It depends on what I'm doing. For the most part 2-3 days at the most.

  • I wear mine for like, a week before washing... I don't sweat and they smell fine. Why waste water and have the material wear out faster?


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