Why do some girls like jerks?

Okay, I just had to ask.

Now. don't get me wrong, I don't think all women like jerks. I myself am married to a nice guy and so are my female friends (But I tend to hang around mature, more intellectual women I guess,and they like men who offer more than good looks and sex alone).

I think a lot of it has to do with immaturity and the misguided idea that you can change someone. Just as men feel that being able to land a hot babe says something about his masculinity, a woman may feel she has something going on if she can tame a bad boy. Sad thing is, both are shallow victories that don't mean anything and show a bit of insecurity.

I will admit that I dated some doozies in my day, however, they never indicated they were a-holes to begin with, and if I had seen that side, I would have run like my pants were on fire, in fact, when they showed their true colors, I left every time, no pause or apologies.

I was looking for a genuine nice guy and finally found, and married him.

I find his courtesy, care and sensitivity very sexy and I said in one post--I don't have to beg him to leave the seat down or take out the trash--he is courteous, loving and a great father.

I am soooo lucky and blessed.

But I am dismayed that there are some girls on here who not only seek out bad boys, they stay with them even knowing they won't change. There is a young lady on here who has a baby with a man who only comes around for sex and treats her like dirt--AND SHE WANTS HIM BACK--what the heck?

I would cuss a guy like that out and set about raising said kiddo myself to spare them the drama and dysfunction.

For her, I think it is a self esteem issue, but I do wonder why I see a trend where certain girls chase after guys with obvious bad intentions and who stick round for mental and emotional abuse?

Why do these women like such types?
I don't know why but I am just drawn to bad boys
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Hand me a nice, sweet sensitive guy any day
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I am looking for excitement and bad boys provide that
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I have childhood issues that make me punish myself
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Why do some girls like jerks?
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