A girl thar I like and I feel like im friendzoned?

I've been talking to this girl for about 8 months now and we started liking each other and all but sometimes when I'm flirting or talking sweet words to her she sometimes say bruh. Like am I friendzoned? And other thing is we call everyday and every night even failing asleep on the phone together and like she says she does like me but doesn't like showing it why?


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  • If she tells you she likes you but doesn't like showing it, then take her at her word, that she does like you too lol.
    I say bruh sometimes to be casual and chill, doesn't mean anything at all to me. If I friendzone a guy I'd likely be talking to him about other hot dudes I like, other than that its all fair game, come one come all lmao


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  • Is your profile pic a Watchmen reference?

    Perhaps it's best not to wait 8 months to ask a girl out. As to whether or not she has feelings for you, the only way to know is to ask her out on a date. Why not try that?

    Oh, insert obligatory remark about how the friendzone doesn't exist and is a sexist, misogynistic construct.


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