Should I give her another chance?

This girl from out of state keeps begging me to bring her to me... I sent her airplane flight money multiple times and passport funds, she has excuses for not showing up everytime... she says she's not able to call me from her from phone because her phone has issues supposedly... should I give her another chance even though she didn't show up many times already?
Am I stupid?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Should you give her another chance? No.
    Are you stupid? Yes, unfortunately.
    Why are you so silly as to send her money? You do realize she could have used the money and spend it on other guys, right?
    Who is this girl and how did you know her?

  • No. Keep your money and let her go..
    This girl is only sticking around cause you give her money so easily.
    I wouldn't have given her a second chance! I don't know how you were able to give her MULTIPLE chances lol


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