Girls, this girl is so creepy, what is she thinking?

So there's a girl with a boyfriend, which I did not know it and she showed very obvious sign that she liked me. So I told her I liked her, she blocked me. Her boyfriend told me to stay away from her. So I have ignored her for a few week. I pretend she doesn't exist at all, no eyes contact, no chat, sit miles away from her. Not that I am afraid of her boyfriend or her, it is just that I respect her relationship. I approached her because I didn't know she has a boyfriend, no one at the class know it.

Little info about me. I am the most popular guy at the class, I am in most of the chat group, I always get invited to all kinds of party, there's a few girls are confirm that they like me, everyone feels comfortable to chat with me. etc

I thought things have settled, and I have moved on completely. But the girl is acting so weird around me. I think she is gossiping about me with her female friend (just one), they always look at me when they chat. I am around they will walk away. And that girl will stare and blush around me whenever she is chatting with her friend, I am not looking at her, I am smiling, I am chatting with another girl. etc. And I know it because my friends notice it, she do it too obviously. And sometime her friend do it too. I am getting a bit annoyed. Whenever there's a chance that I am not looking at her, she stares at me...

So damn creepy. whats going on.


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  • It isn't creepy. You seem a bit butthurt by the rejection. Yes, it was a shitty move to flirt with you a lot and yes, it's not your fault you didn't know.. Best thing you can do is not to give her any attention. Shrug it off, for now.

    • Ok I did say I gave zero attention to her. The only reason I know it because my friends told me. My friends were in a group meeting with the girl, and my friends noticed she had basically stared at me for the entire meeting. All her friends know she keeps staring at me in all circumstance, and that what makes it creepy.
      Its more like she hates me so much, and she is butthurt with no legit reason at all.

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