When a girl just wants sex?

So the girl im into seems to be ignoring me bc I keep trying to meet up with her for dates, she's knows im into her and i know she finds me attractive, so i noticed she went out for drinks with another guy and i call her out on it and she said "well we aren't dating hahaha" i said a bit more than that so im pretty sure she was saying that they are just having sex, does this mean i should back off till she's done or try to get sex with her myself? if i did want sex how would i go about that granted that she seems to just be leaving everything on read?


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  • Depends how you feel about it. If she’s having sex with other guys and you don’t feel comfortable with it, find a new girl to date. You’ll find someone loyal I promise.

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      I'm fine with it, i just dont know how to get her to have sex with me lol

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