Women, which statement feels deeper and meaninful to you?

The man you've been dating or married for a while, you feel good with him and you'd want to hear something like this from him (e. g. he's not some creep beta male off the street saying this). He comes up to you while you are doing a chore...

This new detergent sure works well, wish I didn't have to do this stuff.
This new detergent sure works well, wish I didn't have to do this stuff.

pauses in the moment, and intently sets his gaze upon you so you are frozen in time... and he says to you one of the phrases above. Which one most resounds within you?
  • Baby, I love you! (reassuring words, non invasive)
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  • Baby, I am a bee, and you are a flower. I want to cares your gentle leaves and drink of your nectar! (imagery, passion)
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  • My lady, you are one amazing woman, I am so lucky to have you (praise, gratitude)
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  • Let me do that for you, and caresses your hands (helpful, touch)
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  • Baby, I am thinking about taking you to a secluded field and do what I wish with you (pure desire, mystery)
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  • U sure are perdy! (You might be a redneck if you select this)
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I love you*

    But more than that if ether be hugged from behind as if he loves me. Or to hug me while saying it. The words don’t say as much to me as touch does.

    • Good question though!

      You covered quality time
      Acts of service
      Words of affirmation

  • I love the Love Languages, they explain so much of the little nuances that most people miss. It'd be nice for him to join in doing the dishes & we could finish them before & joke & cuddle. Interesting question.

    • I like that idea, if both are gardeners, they could meetup by the spinach and makeout in a spot set aside in the corn patch. lol!

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