Girls, Have you ever flirted with an attractive guy by using your body or gestures to get his attention or look at you?

There was a girl at retail place I shop at, who was at the register desk who I couldn't help but feel she wanted me to look or found it a compliment. It could have been a coincidence, but I'll explain after I see some comments and I'll elaborate to see what other women here say for their own experience if they've done so and if the girl was flirting with me.
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  • I with a smile or my eyes, but not by flaunting my body or in that sense.
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What I meant is like position your body, bend over, adjust cleavage or something to get checked out. I know girls don't like guys to gawk, which I understand and I don't stare or gawk. But a girl sure seemed to do things to get me to look at her and smirked when she saw me glance at her body, even though I felt awkward doing it. But her motions are what caught the attention of my peripheral in the first place and just didn't seem like a coincidence in how it happened.


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  • Definitely have done this

    • I guess nobody knows for sure, but I'll bring up my example and see what you think as a girl. Maybe coincidence but sure seemed peculiar to me, like she was trying to get me to look at her. I was shopping at a retail store I used to work at 5 years ago or so. And knew some people still there that I used to work with. I was talking to a lady I used to work with, it was a slow night and another girl was at the register with her. She noticed me talking to the lady, she was at the desk and no customers coming through. But she had her back, well not completely turned to me, but side to me but pretty close to the older lady I was talking to. I wasn't checking the girl out, or I try to be discreet and don't normally do that when I'm talking to someone as my eye contact is right to who I'm talking to. But as I was to the lady, the girl, I don't know what she was doing, adjusting her pants or something, but little movements don't normally get my attention or distract. But I could see from my peripheral vision stuff happening which distracted me so I glance over to what was the movement with the lower half of her. In doing so my eye went to the lower part, as that's where the movement was, but yeah my eye noticed her butt since her movement brought my eyes there, which it was nice ha. But she didn't directly look at me, but seemed like she noticed with the corner of her eye. It was very quick as I was trying to continue my conversation.

      I then see her like rolling up her sweat shirt or something from corner of my eye, this time when I looked which my eye glanced at her butt, which I felt awkward doing as the lady I was talking to saw me glance away, though she didn't know where I was looking or didn't care, though I felt weird doing so. But as I glanced the girl saw me looking and eye contact with me, but she smirked or had a smile. I felt like a perv, ha and was like oops. Maybe the smile was to break up akwardness but it sure felt like it wasn't coicidence and to get my attention

    • and she found it flattering or something. I felt funny being noticed and like don't usually do that, but it just felt like it was her trying to seem casual, but it wasn't a coincidence and to get me to notice. There was the whole long line of the desk, register where there's 6 registers, but she not only moved close to the lady and she looked at me when I first came in the door. Her back was toward me, but not turned away, but like I said side view. And just it didn't seem like an accident with the movements or like she was aware of what she was doing but trying to play it off like she didn't. I don't know

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