Does this particularly shy and awkward girl I know like me?

I have been talking to this girl for a few months now and things have been progressing well as we communicate more often during class. I can tell that she does not have much experience with guys based off the the things she says and does. Some days we really seem to hit it off while others she just doesn’t seem interested. When I see her in the hallways or around the school she tries to not make eye contact at all. I remember one particular moment after school, I was walking by with a group of my friends and I noticed her coming up in front. I was gonna say hi but she looked so uncomfortable as she literally turned her head down and put her hand over her face trying to block anyone from seeing it. The second after she passed me, she stood straight up again. I am honestly so confused, i really need answers to if this girl likes me or is she just not interested.


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  • Maybe she wants to talk you but only wen you are alone

    • But in my class, she talks to both me and my friend at the same time. She is more loud and expressive when talking to my friend who is an asshole to her, but when I talk to her she gets all serious.

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