A sorry episode with a dash of guilt what do you think?

So i got I bit stressed out due to having a few exams (first year of college) plus a family member got hospitalized, so i take it out on this girl (second year of college and she thinks i'm a year younger than her altough i'm the same age as her) I met and was texting since last week at the train station, because she was the first to text me after i got the bad news , i said some nonsense like for example" ... and you have been a tad dry " , she replied to my giberish with " i don't know what to say" , understandable since any sane person would think i was bonkers. Anyhow i decided to wait untill i was calmer and the my family was better to get back to her , that took 3 days. So i apologise and say why i went bonkers , bottom line she never got back to me wich is a shame as she had all the right curves can't say much aout her wit tho. Now did i do the right thing? I'm perfectly aware that i can't have her now and it will be very awkward for her next time i see her on campus although i not so secretly look forward to it. So opinions on this sorry episode, what would you do or say' I dont use social media but im quite the socialite and i can't stand some people having a bad opinion of me.


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  • Honestly, I think you should be straight up. You can do it in person (would be more powerful) or via text. Jut tell her, look, i didn't mean to take things out on you, although its no excuse, I was going through a difficult time (you can tell her about the details or not) and I just wanted to let you know thats not how I usually am. I just wanted to clear the air.

    Bam. It will help you feel better about it, and give her an explanation.

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    • well i did say i sent her a text apologising and telling her why" So i apologised and said why i went bonkers ,..." anyway the real text was something like this "Sunday was one the worst days of my life i was stressed out because it didn't go well at all and i only got bad news, with that said i ended up taking it out on you i am sorry" Now this was 5 days ago darling...

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    • I agree, I wish she would have wrote back. But hey, nothing you can do there. Glad you actually sent the apology text. Must guys wouldn't bother. I'm sure when you see her again, it may feel a bit off, but give a smile and I'm sure any bad feelings will disappear with her. Escpailly if you have a nice smile :)

      Good luck!

    • thank you, on the smile , thats a hastily take picture of me on the profile i can smile but it ain't nothing special hon

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