Was she using me from the start or did she lose interest?

basically i had this date, 7 hours long with another girl and she became the first girl I had ever slept with, she was quite persistent and it did take a lot of reassurance I liked her though and wanted her to be happy. on the walk back home she held my hand the entire time and kept stopping to kiss me and she made out with me and hugged me a lot while she waited for my train with me. she had invited me on a night out with her and her friend a few days later but she kind of got drunk and stopped responding to me didn’t message me any details of it till midnight.

she texted me when she was drunk a few days later asking to see me the next day, then she started asking me to come to her house that night and sleepover? It was 2am though. In the morning she didn’t reply much to my texts so I asked “be honest for a sec, do u just want to leave it alone and not meet again? it’s completely fine if that’s your decision and honestly i definitely would understand” and she said “no not at all! I was just busy” but she has ignored me again a few times and I got my friend to text her and flirt with her and she was receptive and did flirt back. I decided to delete this girl everywhere but I’m really hurt and still like her... I’m torn and not sure what to do. She still does interact with my tweets, and compliments any snap stories I post despite the fact that I unfollowed her. so I’m confused


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  • Sounds to me like a normal response from a young man that has been confused by the females character shell and how she actually operates, you need to separate the two. Learn the difference between your ideals and her actual self. And don't forget there is a huge reason you are analyzing this so much, its because there are huge red flags and you can't quite see them because your young and a good guy. A bad combo for dealing with women these days. Go youtube "mgtow" and figure yourself out son, you don't have to go mgtow but there are some decent older guys explaining female nature so hit it up.


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  • She's in the mood to have fun with multiple friends. If you have stronger feelings is better to keep your distance.


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