Does it never work out for a guy if he's has a girlfriend who he use to reject at first?

Let's say a guy had a girl who was crushing after him but he wasn't feeling it in the beginning, but as he gave her a chance, they became together as a couple... Do you think she tables will turn as to one day she will not be interested in him or will they still be together?

If I'm wrong, I would love to hear a story about a guy who didn't like a girl at first but his friends kept telling him to give her a chance then the rest is history. It shouldn't have to seem like it's always the women who will not like a guy at first
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  • I once had a girl that used to be interested in me but I wasn’t interested at the time, so I denied her we were still friends. After some time I began to like her so I started some flirting then she said very subtly “I don’t like you anymore, you had a chance sorry” so I don’t think it would work out


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