It seems like this friend constantly wants to be alone, I know people don’t know the situation but why does she want to be away from me?

I think she does this to avoid me after she get what she wants or I don’t provide what she needs. She post pics on ig so I must be doing something wrong


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      It is kinda hard to explain because I’m confused myself. This friend of mine was upset about some guy. She only comes to me with her guy problems. I guess I didn’t give great advice and listen well enough because she told me she needed to be alone. When I reach out she always says that. It seems like this cycle happens over and over. She meets a guy and ghost me while everything is going well with him but when they break up she runs to me. I think when I can’t provide what she wants she plants the seed that she needs to be alone so she could avoid me.

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      I just did

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      You can message me now

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