Why would she come so far looking for me and seem so suspicious?

My job for the company I work for is to take incoming calls for 3 stores and I'm located in one. I regularly talked back and forth with the lead at one of the stores and we'd even talk about normal life things.
I went into that store one day to pick up something, and we had a small conversation all about work.
During the holidays, when I'd call about certain events going on, she'd usually destress to me on the phone or tell me about how her day was while she was getting that information together.
The other day, my manager came and told me that lead came into the store and bought something very simple. But asked to see me, but I wasn't in until later. My manager said she had no idea why she was looking for me and she didn't tell her why she wanted to see me.
I asked her the next time I spoke to her on the phone, and she said it was nothing...
I'm confused. Why was she looking for me? It's at least 20 minutes between stores. I'm confused


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  • She was doing it generally


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