Girls, Girls help? Pointers? Guy asking?

Ladies, in your opinion what Do YOU do when you are attracted to a guy? What do you say around him? How do you act so that us guys don't get confused to whether you're flirting or just being friendly? How do YOU look at a guy you're attracted to? How do you show you like someone? Do you give him gifts? In addition to that why do girls ask for guys numbers but don't bother texting them? Lol girls are so mysterious.. Reason why is cuz there's this girl who's given me 3 gifts and asked for my number but never texted me, she asks me all these random questions about myself whenever I work with her, she eyeballs me up and down when she sees me, I don't know if she's being friendly or flirting?


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  • She sounds like she is totally flirting with you... why don't you ask for her number back? why don't you flirt back?

    If I like a guy, I will ask him if he is single and I will look at him a lot. I will try to talk to him (message on facebook) and see if he is interested in me as well.


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