How often do women text men they like or interested in?

Obviously this varies between women, but I wondered if there was a consistent rate as to how often they would do that for a man they liked.


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  • If they really like you they start texting you a lot. Like she'll even wake up and leave messages in the middle of the night.
    She'll text you from work on her lunch break or send selfies and video messages as she's shopping.
    She'll even text you when she's sitting at a red light or in the bathroom.
    It's nonstop for a while.
    The ones I've encountered make their feelings obvious.
    It's also obvious when they're not interested anymore as well.
    She just can't find the time to message as much anymore.
    She'd rather watch a movie or sleep.
    Just how it goes sometimes.
    Then when she's interested again she'll message at least twice a day.


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  • All day as long as you’re interested too. We make the time 🤷🏻‍♀️


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  • If u mean texting the guy first more than once, then not often at all lol

    • I was more or less referring to in general, but okay, lol.

      So in your eyes if a girl initiates the conversation a couple of times, that shows interest?

    • Well yeah, if she wants to talk to u then she definitely has some kinda interest

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