How can a girl earn a guys respect?

Also in a group with men? How to be accepted and respected at some kind of level?

how can a girl earn a guys respect?
how can a girl earn a guys respect?


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  • I can’t talk for other guys.. because it’s a very subjective thing. But for me, a girl will earn my respect if she:
    1. Respects me and doesn’t take down about me.
    2. Works just as hard as, if not harder than me.
    3. Have her life together and in order. Can’t have a mess and bring it to my door.
    4. Into working out and fitness. Taking care of herself is the best way to show she respects herself.
    5. Make common sense decisions. Don’t pick fights and spend unnecessary money all the time.
    6. Support whatever I need, but also don’t be afraid to tell me the truth. Even if it’s something I really think I’m good at and I’m not..
    And last, be a freak in bed.. if I’m not good at it, don’t gossip to your girl friends about that shit. Teach me.. and that way it will be better for both!

  • If a guy is like me he already respects you if you're just a good person. You don't have to be smart, you don't have to be talented or anything. Just don't be bad, that's all I need to respect a person because just being good is already a challenge in today's society.

    • A very wise and mature perception that I share, we need more people like that in this world.

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  • Just be yourself honestly. I tried to fit into a guy's group once by faking interest in things they liked, and I acted like what I thought dudes act like. I was always on the back burner when i did that.

    I eventually started acting like myself (and yes, I am a bit feminine), and they appreciated that much more. I was able to be their trusted female perspective, and they always include me when they're going out and doing things because they like having me around. Im also a really good wingman lol

  • You will earn the respect of people in general if you are true to yourself, do not lower your standards, if you are a responsible person and you are kind to those who do you good.


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  • Honestly just being sound n showing them your a good laugh, and not being 2 faced/snakey.

  • Don't be stupid.
    Don't be obnoxious.
    Don't rack up a body count.
    Don't start or get mixed up in drama.
    Chill out and don't get worked up over jokes or other nonsense.
    De direct regardless of what you want from the interaction.

  • Do not want respect! Be yourself.. Do your work... Be loyal.. Be kind..

  • By being a normal woman who has boundaries. Men don't respect sluts, and they don't respect bitches. They respect women who know what they are, know what they want, but are not rigid or anything, can take a joke and talk normally, but if any guy oversteps her boundaries (which almost certainly WILL happen), she will make it clear that it's a no-go zone.

  • Do not be a thot
    And be competent.
    And logical and not emotional and all over the place.
    Be respectful and polite.
    Stand up for yourself and do not be a pushover.

    Basically I am all these things and only the scum type of guys didn't respect me. Almost every man I know thinks very highly of me.

  • Don't come off as a player. No one likes players regardless of gender. Don't come off as easy. If you like a guy, be a bit sensitive towards his feelings. We like it when a girl cares about our feelings. Don't be with jerks. If your man treats you well, it means you've earned respect.

  • Do everything he says and make him a sandwich.


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