Girls, Why do you think this girl looked at me and then went whatever and turned around?

This girl is in the group of friends I have. I smiled at her a few times. She just stared back and I thought it was weird so I stopped it. Recently though she stared at me and scoffed and turned around with her back to me. I ignored it and kept walking. Why did she do that though?
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  • She does not like you, that's for sure. And she is sick of you looking at her. She already knows your trying to send signals that your either sexually or romantically interested in her, and she's saying to stop.

    • 4d

      But I’m not into her. I was just being friendly to her. I always ignore her. Shouldn’t she like get the hint from my end? There’s a huge difference with being friendly to someone and being attracted to them

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    • 4d

      Sorry, I meant to say that I wouldn't do that to somebody unless I sensed*

      You were just being friendly.

    • 4d

      Yeah. Thanks for being a light of reason. I guess I need to stay away from certain groups of people because they’re paranoid. They’re also illogical - I always see her in a public place, she’s with her friends, there’s security cameras, other people around... sigh

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