How can I let this go?

I loved this guy and I still do and he rejected me. It hurts me so much. I feel worthless I’m thinking about doing it. I feel so worthless. I’m always sad and I can’t stop it I feel like I’m falling into depression. I just miss him so bad, and I know that I can’t text him that would be seen as desperate. I don’t feel like myself. I feel like no one will ever love me and that I’m not worth to live.


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  • I've been through that and my advice is don't hide what you feel and never doubt that what you're feeling isn't important or that you shouldn't feel that way. You're allowed to feel upset and to be in pain but also, allow yourself to heal and never question your value. I know is hard to think that one day you'll be over it but trust me, you will at your own time. Give yourself all the love you deserve and if he couldn't see how amazing you're, that's on him but don't let it define you. Really try to see this as a lesson he taught you and be thankful for everything you shared.

    Finally, don't torture yourself, just remember that you were fine before he came into your life so you'll keep being fine and don't make the mistake to try to prove youself to him, you have nothing to prove, he knows who you're and what you want, if that wasn't enough for him, then he needs to go, the moment you start proving yourself to someone, they 're no longer worth it. Take care of you heart and I promise that you'll be okay, just don't loose sight of what's important and always remember that you're your number one priority.

    Wish you all the best! x

  • You feel like this now, but the only cure for being rejected in the manner is to give it TIME. I know that’s hard to hear right now because you want him back so badly. Knowing you can no longer be with the one that you love is a grieving process that differs from person to person, but in the end, time is a healer. He will always have been a part of your life and in some way always will be - he will have shaped who you are.

    One day you will find someone else who you love just as much (If not more) and you will wonder why you ever felt this way over an ex from the past.

    Hope you feel better soon. :)


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  • Live your life. That's the best thing to do. People come and go. Just what you feel but don't let your feelings dictate what you do.


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  • When we fall off the bike and it breaks... we buy another bike and hop on.

  • Start by getting over yourself. Stop acting like a whiny child and get over the dude.


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