What does it mean when a girl asks a guy if he is gay or bisexual? Why would a girl do that?

I was out with a female coworker for drinks. I met her best friend. My coworker went to the bathroom. I started to have a deep conversation with the best friend about her interest in a diary website and her travels. My coworkers boyfriend got silent at the round table watching basketball. When my coworker came back she looked at us and said, "wow! You guys have a deep conversation going on there..." At the second bar the best friend asked how old I was and made a comment that I was fit and could run a marathon. (They had run in a St. Paddys Day marathon)

Later on the best friend came to me and asked, "Hey, are you bisexual? Are you gay?" My coworker was there just smiling and waiting for an answer. Her friend was serious though.

What prompts a girl to ask a guy if he's gay or bisexual? (We are all in our late 20s or early 30s)


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  • Sometimes a girl will say that if it’s hard to believe he’s single. Other times it may be to his effeminate behavior, perfect fashion sense or just an above average interest in girl stuff.

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      Thanks for your help! I really wanted a girls take and perspective. I think I also admitted that i kep a "journal" or diary.

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      Thanks for mho💟

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      No thank you for your help!

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  • Girls have asked me this too lol.

    Also one of my female friends actually thought i was gay until she asked me and I said no


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  • Maybe her bf's boyfriend expressed interest in you...


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