10 signs she doesn’t like you. do you agree with the video?


Pls watch video and tell your opinion


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  • Mmm, yeah. I agree with the majority of the video. The only thing i didn't agree with was the last one about favors. While it is true that some girls will use how much a guy likes her to her advantage, I think most girls actually would prefer to avoid the guy if she isn't really into him. But a girl who asks you for a lot of favors might actually like you and want more of your attention. I used to do that to get to know guys that i thought i might be interested in. However, it can be super confusing to tell if she is using you or if she want to spend time with you, so it will be up to you to make that call.

    Overall though, a lot of the advise he gave was good general advice. Of course every girl is different, but you'll learn those differences as you start to date the girl.

  • the main one that i agree 100% with every time will tell you if she's into you or not is the one about touch. when a guy i'm not into at all tries to touch me in anyway i will pull away rather than i guy i like i will move into it and touch him back somehow (again all not creepy -like hand graze or shoulder touch or legs or feet or something gentle)


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